Kim Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Interfaces at the Nanoscale

At Kim Lab

We aim to transition to a sustainable economy of renewable electrons by focusing on innovations in electrochemical processes and devices. We value the insights learned at the surfaces and interfaces of nanoscale materials that can broadly impact the energy, chemicals, and materials industry.


Positions are available for graduate students and postdocs! Students interested in joining the team should reach out to the principal investigator at

News and Highlights

New publication on CO2-free hydrogen

A recent publication demonstrates a semi-continuous pyrolysis process for the production of CO2-free H2 and CNTs from methane.

Guest lecture, Road2Research (R2R)

Dohyung was invited to do a guest lecture (held Feb 23rd) as part of the semester-long R2R curriculum designed to foster interest in STEM careers for local high school students in Philadelphia.

Dohyung speaks at a VIPER panel event

The Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) held a panel event on “Big Advances at the Nanoscale and their Energy Impacts” at Feb 16th. Dr. Chris Murray and Dr. Dohyung Kim were invited to the event.

Dohyung was invited to a faculty event by K-PENSA

The Korea-Penn Engineers and Scientists Association (K-PENSA) hosted a faculty event for STEM career and research advice. The event was held on Feb 9th at Fisher-Bennet Hall.

Dohyung speaks at a mini-symposium

Dohyung was invited to speak at a mini-symposium about the group’s efforts in electrocatalysis looking beyond the surface of materials.

Dohyung speaks at a panel event

Dohyung was part of the Academic Job Search panel for graduate students and postdocs at Penn. The event was held at the Wu & Chen Auditorium on Dec 6th.

Welcoming new members to the team!

Kim Lab welcomes new members Rani, Andrew, and Nidhi to the team. Excited to have them join us!

Kim Lab opens at Penn!

Dr. Kim officially joins the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania as Assistant Professor in Fall 2022.